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Inside Look – Preparing for the Game

Tide fans always want to know what it is like as a player preparing for an upcoming game. Do they sit around and play xbox, watch video, review the game plan, or just try to focus on the tasks coming up.  What goes into their "process" as head coach Nick Saban keeps talking about?  Nico Johnson, former Tide linebacker now playing in the NFL for the Kansas City Chiefs sits down with Crimson Confidential's Ti ...

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Homecoming at Alabama

It's Homecoming week at the University of Alabama! Students have had a busy week full of homecoming activities and decorating. UA campus is officially geared up for Saturday's homecoming game with tents on the quad, sorority lawn decorations, and window painting on The Strip. Sororities have spent their week "pomping" for their lawn and float decorations while other UA students have been busy voting for the ...

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Keeping Up With the Million Dollar Band

Just what has the MDB been up to lately? The Million Dollar Band has had a busy year so far with its Centennial Anniversary festivities. This season, the MDB celebrated its anniversary by inviting all alumni band members to perform with current MDB members at the Florida-Atlantic game on September 22. This event was followed by a Centennial Gala where past and present MDB members were invited to attend for ...

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Crimsonette Tryouts 2012

On Saturday, April 28th, the University of Alabama's Student Recreation Center hosted the 2012 University of Alabama Crimsonette auditions. These auditions begin bright and early at 8 A.M. and usually last until about 4 in the afternoon, and speaking from a personal experience, it feels like the day lasts forever! I personally participated in this year's audition for my sophomore year. I had previously been ...

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Hope renewed: A year later

It's hard to believe it's been a year. We've come a long way. On April 27th, 2011, the lives of many in Alabama changed forever. In Tuscaloosa, a city was left in shambles, and a community was charged with the task of rebuilding. From the beginning of the recovery efforts, the talk of many people centered around Alabama athletics. Football was only a couple of months away, and it was already something the p ...

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Million Dollar Band Fun Facts

The University of Alabama's "Million Dollar Band" has had an exciting and successful season. With a great deal of hard work and dedication, the 380 member group of college students give a spark and excitement to the world of athletics with their music as they proudly support the Crimson Tide at a number of sporting events. All band members participate in football season performances such as halftime shows a ...

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