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New hand prints to go around Denny Chimes with Team Captain selections

0024This years senior class have been nothing short of remarkable. Players such as CJ Mosley, A.J McCarron, and Kevin Norwood have all made major contributions to one of the nations top programs. What they have done for the Tide tradition puts them amongst Alabama’s best. It is only right that be honored as Team Captains for this years season.

Probably the most surprised by this accomplishment was, wide receiver, Kevin Norwood. Norwood recently spoke about be honored with this achievement saying I’m not really a vocal guy, I’m more of a go out and do type and hope people will follow me then. But AJ and C.J. and me, we really deserved it. And to get our hands print at Denny Chimes along with the legends that have been here, it’s really great.” Norwood had a breakout senior season. His 7 touchdowns all seemed to have come in a crucial moment for the Crimson Tide. He has 36 receptions and yards for the season.

His fellow seniors believe that he is most deserving of this achievement. CJ Mosley spoke highly of Norwood saying, “You can pretty much mark him down as the unsung hero, I always call him Mr. Reliable. When you need a play, you have to go to Norwood for it. He’s always going to be there. He’s not a guy that’s going to do a lot of talking, but when he does make that play, everybody is going to see it and everybody is going to listen to him. He definitely deserved it.” McCarron is just as honored to be apart of this terrific trio. “It’s definitely awesome to be with those two guys. I feel they are the best two guys for those two spots.”IronBowl13_0040

CJ Mosley, A.J McCarron, and Kevin Norwood are most appreciated by the Tide faithful. All three are sure to have promising careers in the NFL. They will be in great company with great Tide players on the field and in the concrete at Denny Chimes.

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