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Will he stay or will he go

IronBowl13_0038“The best financial investment this University has ever made.”  That is how Alabama Chancellor Robert Witt described Alabama Football Coach Nick Saban.  Apparently, Texas fans, forums and possibly their administration took that to mean that the University of Texas should also make that same investment.  Although, the same position that Saban holds at Alabama is not quite vacant at Texas…just yet.

On Tuesday it was released, announced, leaked – however you want to say it, ( that the Longhorn head coach Mack Brown “will resign by the end of the week” and that Nick Saban was the next head coach of Texas. There is possibly some truth to the matter….

And, that truth would be that Brown may resign at the end of the week, he reportedly said that he is still thinking about it and has not decided.  Then again, that last part about not decided was really taken out of context which triggered another rumor.  But, according to a text message that Brown sent stating “I haven’t seen [the] article. I’m in Florida recruiting. If I had decided to step down, I sure wouldn’t be killing myself down here. I have not decided to step down” should mean that there still is not a planned vacancy in the Lonestar state.

But, what if Mack Brown were to decide to step down, who will be the replacement, who will be the person to lead the Longhorns back to the loneliest number and the top of college football?  Could it be Nick Saban, could he be the one? Absolutely he COULD!  Without question Saban can elevate the Longhorns back to prominence.  There is however, no truth to the fact that Saban is actually leaving Alabama for Texas. Our sources close to the program say that he’s not going anywhere.

GAST_UA067Mack Brown has been “out of a job” since mid-2012 according to the news media, fan base at Texas faithful.  He’s been on an extremely hot seat all season and that heat rose to nearly unbearable during the 2013 season after losing to Ole Miss 44-23.  Texas (and Brown) rebounded with six straight wins which seemed to settle down the rumblings and rumors, but only a little.  He has been fighting to keep his job for over a year now, and really dating back to the 2010 season. After Texas lost to Alabama in Pasadena for the BCS Title game the Longhorns have not powered over their competition like the previous years.  But even after getting to the Big 12 championship game (but losing to Baylor), going 8-4 and finishing third in the Big 12, Brown is still on the red hot seat.

Since the rising temperature behind Brown lately, Nick Saban has been the topic of conversation every time Texas is mentioned.  The Alabama coach has made previous statements all season that he is sticking around, and even going so far as to comment on a sign by the Alabama student body which stated “Saban, if you will stay forever then we will stay for 60 minutes.” Saban’s reply to the sign “Sounds good to me” as he smiled with the comment.

Not only has Saban stated on countless occasions that he is not considering the Texas job and has no intensions to leave Alabama with comments like “I’m too (bleep) old to start over” he currently has had a contract extension on his desk since last Friday.  There is no doubt that Alabama officials are nervous as Saban has not signed or discussed the contract yet.  But, Saban has been a little busy with continuing to build upon what he has resurrected at Alabama.  Besides, he signed a different extension in March.

In the end you can take all of the sources, Saban’s comments, and statements, the AD’s statements and whatever else you want to consider and throw it all out the window. Arguably, one of the most powerful coaches in college football and there is only one thing to look at when trying to determine if Nick Saban will be at Alabama or Texas or any other school for that matter. Ms Terry!  The head coach’s wife, Terry Saban told the Wall Street Journal, “We’re staying. We’re not going anywhere.”

Stay tuned for more information coming out soon!


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