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The Choices We Make

How someone handles success tells a lot about a person and the people they are in contact with.

The choice’s that we make each day determines our future, dictates the paths that we follow, and impacts those closest to us. Not only do our personal wants and desires come into play when making choices, but the people we are with influence the decisions we make and ultimately the direction we usually take. Typically, individuals by themselves are not inclined to make poor decisions but when placed in a bad situation or in the wrong crowd those chances amplify, significantly.  That was the case on Monday when three University of Alabama football players admitted to attacking two students and knocking them unconscious during early morning robberies on the University of Alabama campus.

According to arrest warrants, [freshman linebacker] Tyler Hayes, [redshirt freshman defensive] end Dennis “D.J.” Pettway and [freshman safety] Eddie Williams punched UA student Samuel Jurgens in the head and face and kicked him in the ribs and back area.  Williams and Hayes admitted to the attacking, which caused cuts to the victim’s face, a mild concussion and severe swelling, according to the warrants. During the robbery the players admitted to stealing a backpack which contained the students Apple laptop.

In a second, unrelated, robbery, Williams admitted that he punched UA student Caleb Paul in the head and face while Pettway and Hayes stood by and watched. He said that he stole the student’s wallet which contained cash, credit cards and a student identification card.  Williams then used the cards to buy snacks from a vending machine in the football player’s dorm.

Both UA students said that they were approached by the men who asked to borrow a cigarette lighter, before striking them in the head, stealing their belongings and leaving in a dark-colored SUV, according to the UAPD.

The first victim said that the robbery took place at 12:35 a.m. in the 800 block of Campus Drive, on the sidewalk near Paty Hall. The second student was robbed at 1:20 a.m. in the 200 block of Seventh Avenue, near the UA Mineral Institute building.

Hayes was charged with two counts of third-degree robbery. Pettway was charged with second-degree robbery, while Williams was second-degree robbery and fraudulent use of a credit card.

Redshirt freshman Brent Calloway, who was not involved in the attacks and robberies, did admit to using the stolen debit card for numerous purchases, per the police report.

The University Police Chief wrote in an advisory which was posted to their website “University Police Department investigators were able to develop information leading to the identification of suspects in the robberies described below…  Three suspects were arrested on Feb. 11, 2013 for two counts of second degree robbery each, with a fourth suspect arrested for fraudulent use of a credit/ debit card relating to the case.”

Williams was released on $65,000 bond. Hayes and Pettway were released from jail on $60,000 bond each. Calloway was released on $5,000 bond. Jail records indicate that they were arrested around midnight and released between 3 and 5 a.m.

University of Alabama Head Football Coach Nick Saban: “The young men charged are indefinitely suspended as we continue to gather information and talk to the appropriate people. The University and football program have strict guidelines regarding issues of this magnitude. This behavior is unacceptable for any student-athlete at the University of Alabama and not representative of our football program.”

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