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Thrashing in Miami to win the BCS Title

That would just be one word the describe the beat down that Alabama gave the Leprechaun’s of Notre Dame at the BCS Championship Game this evening.  A few others may consist of; Domination, dismantling, beating, whipping, flogging…the list could go on.  At one point I started getting text messages that they actually felt sorry for Notre Dame.  Alabama must have also because it looked like they took their foot off the gas in the 4th Qtr and just tried to run out the clock.  But one thing is for certain, the Crimson Tide is going back to Tuscaloosa, AL with another BCS Crystal Ball and their third one in four years.  They took the “Fight” out of the Fighting Irish early and never looked back as they went on to win 42-14.

This game between Notre Dame and Alabama was hyped from the moment the clock hit 0:00 in the Georgia Dome on Dec 1.  It was supposed to be the game of the century, the clash of the titans, and one of the most classic, traditional match ups in recent times.  Well at least in the past 30-40 years.  It was the battle of trenches and to see who’s elite line was better, the Tide or the Irish.  Tonight’s attendance proved that it was a highly anticipated game because Sun Life Stadium set a new record for attendance to any event with 80,120.

Alabama had the award winning Barrett Jones leading the offensive line and Notre Dame had the award winning linebacker Manti Te’o leading the Irish defense.  Who was going to come out on top.  Well that was kind of obvious when Te’o ended up on his back after being flattened a couple of times while the Tide went on to score touchdowns.

Alabama’s offense scored on it’s first 3 possessions and 4 times in the first half.  They really made it look easy while keeping the Irish to 124 yards while the Tide racked up 309.  D.J Fluker talked about dominating the offensive line and says “That just showed we have a lot of chemistry”.  Well, that is very true but that offensive line also has several players that will be playing in the NFL one day as well.

Notre Dame came out fired up in the second half and started to put together a nice drive until Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix put a stop to that with an interception on the 3 yard line.  Alabama then took the ball and drove all the way back down the field in 10 plays to put another score on the board to make it 35.  If you missed it that was a 97 yard drive.  The Irish put together another drive that actually worked this time and scored their first touchdown of the night.  That touchdown ended Alabama run of keeping opponents scoreless in BCS Championship games at 108 min 7 seconds and 69 unanswered points.

The 4th Qtr was pretty much the same as the 3rd with Alabama scoring on it’s opening drive of the qtr to make the score 42-7.  Notre Dame then responds with a nice drive to score with 7:51 seconds left in the game.  The game ended with the Alabama defense getting a 1,2,3 and out and then just running out the clock.  When the Irish got the ball back they knew it was over and just ran 2 plays up the middle to end the game.

Winning Championships is not an easy thing to do in the first place, winning two back to back is amazing and it really takes a dedicated group of players, coaches, staff, trainers, everyone to pull it off.  Nick Saban talked about how special and committed the Alabama team was for this season and this game “people talk about how the most difficult thing is to win your first championship.  Really the most difficult is to win the next one, because there’s always a feeling of entitlement, and the commitment that those guys made two days after we played LSU last year in the National Championship game to be a team, to set a goal to accomplish something of significance is really special for what they were able to accomplish”.

What Alabama did tonight was announce to the world that they are back (again) and they are here to stay for a while.


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