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BCS Orange Bowl Atmosphere

There is no doubt about it, the Irish have invaded for this classic match-up!  I wouldn’t be surprised if Pope Benedict XVI shows up for the game.  The fans are everywhere and are very loud.  When Saban walked out onto the field to do his pre-game walk the Irish fans started chanting “Let’s Go Irish”.  Alabama fans have (from appearances) shown class and respects the tradition.  But they are letting you know the the Bama Nation is in town too..  There are “those” fans of course on both sides but for the most part, each party is showing class.

The atmosphere in the Orange Bowl is very electric, flashes going off, fans yelling, and there is tenseness that is just magnetic.  Media and camera crews line each side of the field with ESPN Game Day in one corner, secondary GameDay set on the other corner, radio programs in the other.  The stands are filling up fast with Crimson and White on one side and Green/Blue and Gold on the other.  The amazing sound system in the Orange Bowl is rocking and nearly 80,000 fans are about to explode and ready to get this party started!!  For those that didn’t make the trip and are watching from all parts of the country – you MUST be wearing you colors and you DO have permission to yell at the TV and get loud too!!  This is one of the most anticipated National Championship (BCS or otherwise) to come along in 30 years.  It’s going to be a good one (and let’s just go ahead and bring home that #15)!!

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